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Ayurvedic lifestyle consultation

In an Ayurvedic consultation, I accompany you to determine the type of treatment that need to be implemented to improve your health problems, struggle, blockages... by implementing healthy habits, adapting the nutrition, lifestyle, creating a proper yoga routine, after a discovery call of 90 minutes.


 Ayurveda takes into account your environment and your overall life context to define which lifestyle suits you best according to your vital energies (Doshas).

I will give you keys to do prevention on a daily basis in order to avoid imbalances.

These changes help to restore and maintain the overall balance of your constitution.

A follow up session helps to see what is successful and what is more challenging and we make adjustments. 

In each follow up we will dig deeper into a chosen tema ( relaxation, nutrition, yoga...) according to what is needed.

We work on the mind & body together. We don't see a separation between the mind and body; they are completely interconnected and influenced each other. Which allow us to not just fix the symptom but to understand the cause. This approach leads to better and durable results.

Ayurveda insist in maintaining a healthy lifestyle to prevent diseases.

It is a prevention method where your happiness and fulfillment is at the heart.

Different ONLINE packages

 Orchid goddess package (1 month): 

 - 1 Ayurveda consultation 90 min

 - one personalised pdf (around 20 pages) 

+ session to explain and set up a action plan

 - 1 Follow up  45 min 


Dehlia goddess package (3 month): 

- 1 Ayurveda consultation 90 min

 - one personalised pdf (around 20 pages) 

+ session to explain and set up a action plan

- 3 follow up 45 min

- 1 private yin yoga session of 75 minutes

- 1 group yin & art class

Lotus goddess package (6 month): 

1 Ayurveda consultation 90min

 - one personalised pdf (around 20 pages) 

+ session to explain and set up a action plan

6 follow up 45 min

2 private yin yoga session of 75 minutes

2 group yin & art class

Other option! Be the flower that you wish and make your own package...




Book a free 20 min call with me!


or contact me via the form 

Kerala, India, February 2019

How does it work?

After the first consultation of 90 minutes, I will send you a pdf with all the recommendations, daily habits to implement into your routine, yoga & pranayama exercise, herbs treatment, and personalise recipe according to your constitution.

Then we will establish the follow up, an action plan, we will go through the difficulties and challenges that might arise. We work from where you are.


To support you I will create a one to one yin yoga designed for your need, from the choice of poses, and the tema of the class. As you relax, your body might be more open to bring more awareness and help to release what might cause physical or psychological tension but also on a deeper level, that might block us unconsciously.


With the energy of the group (online via zoom) we will use the yin pose to relax our nervous system, and from that place we will integrate into the practice, art creation (from writing, to colour with pastel etc). It is more a way of bringing creativity and expressing emotions.

In this creative process, we do not use the mind but the heart to express something, anything.

Lily Flower

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”

Anais Nin


The coaching helped me to find my inner peace in changing my daily habits in nutrition, attitude towards life and helped me to be more aware about mindfulness. The combination of Ayurveda Meetings with the practice of  Yin Yoga made the coaching diverse and covered all aspects of my well being. The fact that all is online, was just super because I could join easyily from everywhere. 

Fanny is a trustful person, who is a good listener and good adviser. Thank you!!


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